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Blijft toch lastig, updaten.

Hoe cool is dit?

En verder, zou Philip Seymour Hoffman niet dé aangewezen persoon zijn om Jeffrey Lee Pierce te spelen in een eventuele biopic? Check:

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A light in the dark

Fortunatelly, it's not all going downhill with the current center/christian government: Dutch secretary of education, culture and science Ronald Plasterk on religion.

Hold Out Your Hand / You By My Side

Obviously, the bassplaying is a whole lot better than the lipsyncing or the dress sense.


Some of the best Dutch music writing i've seen is HERE. But, the writing about football is even better HERE.

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'Excitable Boy'

Friday, November 30, 2007

Edit #1

Gomorrha 'Tititsch Child'

Unclean and Unworthy

Boy who refused treatment on religious grounds dies
Apparently he realizes the 'consequences' of his decision - Kid is 14 and has been led to believe the concequence is he will be joining his best friend Jebus in the heavens.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blame Thomas Paine...

The Dutch Reformed Christian political party SGP official point of view regarding the death penalty:

The SGP vision on the death penalty relies on what the bible states on the calling that a goverment has to set straight any injustice. Man was created in God's image. Taking this - the supreme dignity of man created as God's mirror image - as a starting point, it's obvious that the government is justified to sentence a man to death in case of serious lethal crimes.

The SGP's ideas concerning the avenging power of government are on this point in line with bibical scriptures. It says a lot that ever since the Enlightenment people have been defying these views. Influenced by the progressive beliefs of the Enlightenment the death penalty was marked as barbaric. Besides that, an optimistic view was created regarding the possibility of 'earthly perfectionising' of humanity."

So, I guess the enlightenment is to blame now for putting people to death being labeled as 'barbaric' now. Anyhow, this video below might be an interesting watch in this retrospect.

If you're able to read and understand Dutch, I highly recommend checking out the SGP site for more insane christofascist ramblings about, among many other things, gay rights and the continuing threat of a ''secular Jihad'.